Challenges and solutions for mCommerce 2021

Biggest challenges and solutions for mCommerce in 2021

Although some businesses are still sceptical about mCommerce, there is no doubt that it is a field that has made huge profits in recent years despite lots of challenges. Mobile commerce is on fire. It's becoming increasingly popular, not least because of the pandemic. In this article I’ll try to define what are the biggest challenges and solutions for mCommerce in 2021.

What’s probably most important about mCommerce is that it allows you to buy easily. It enables quick, spontaneous purchases with saved data and payment methods. We write about the differences, similarities and connections between mCommerce and eCommerce in the article Why is investing in mobile commerce a good idea in 2021. Companies are constantly competing with new solutions and promotions available on their platforms and applications. All this to make users (customers) happy and — as a result — more likely to return and buy more.

Keeping users after the pandemic might be challenging

E-commerce and m-commerce have become wildly popular during the pandemic for obvious reasons. Customers are more willing to make use of online shopping opportunities but their needs are changing. The most important thing is to keep up with their requirements. Instead of convenient in-store shopping, convenient smartphone shopping should be offered. One of the challenges is that this needs to be done quickly, as the number of users is growing quite rapidly.

The problem, however, remains how to retain customers — how to get them to continue using the app or website when using stationary shops is no longer difficult. Of course, as the situation improves, there will be fewer online customers, it’s unavoidable. But let me remind you that online shopping was already doing quite well a few years ago. Make "quite well" turn into "great" and users will stay. At least most of them.

By taking care of well thought-out and easy to use UI and UX, you will make customers happy to save themselves from leaving home and shop online. They will develop certain habits because of the convenience. You don’t necessarily have to create a mobile app to satisfy customers. We’re writing about adjusting the site to mobile conditions also in Why is investing in mobile commerce a good idea in 2021.

Don't forget about updates though. A mobile app or a website is not built once and for all. Updates and maintenance is just as important as creating the app/website itself. It is also a very good idea to implement special promotions and discounts through online purchasing. An example of a great promotion is e.g. free delivery.

Solutions for managing the evolution of devices

As we all know, technology is advancing in every aspect. Modern technology means modern requirements. Also, users are already accustomed to newer and newer solutions and updates. You cannot let new device technologies limit you. Adapt to your customers' requirements, constantly. Stay up to date.

If you have a mobile app built by an external company, make sure that this company maintains and updates it. Or find another provider to do it for you. The same goes for an internally developed app. And if you don't have an app, this principle applies to you too. Don't forget to manage your website so that it's convenient to use on both desktop and mobile.

Technology updates can be challenging and users are becoming more and more demanding. Having an app for your store, one thing you can do for sure is to follow the experience of others. If other shops' apps or sites are praised by users, observe them and learn from them.

How to keep it safe and convenient

Some users are still a little bit scared to buy items online but the truth is that all studies show that we do it more and more often these days. Especially when the younger generation is taken into account — they’re particularly fond of this shopping method. But even if nobody’s much stressed about it in 2021, let’s not forget about people’s data safety. Sensitive data can always be in danger.

One way to handle it is to use the pre-saved data. That’s why customers prefer to buy from the stores they’ve already put data in — to keep it fast without typing names, addresses etc. And that’s why it’s so important to save it. This is also very convenient. Even being at home, users are more likely to choose a store where they’ll buy wanted products fast and easily.

On the other hand, anyone in possession of the user's smartphone now has easy access to the information they want to protect. And what’s worse, maybe they can even steal some money buying online.
So, let’s bring attention to safe payments. Assuring customers that nobody else will be able to pay for the shopping and keeping it convenient at the same time is not very easy.
What you need to do is implement online payment solutions for your clients. Choose the ones that assure safety. It’s better to keep a couple of them in your web/mobile app so that every user finds the best suited option.

By giving you these challenges and solutions for mCommerce I hope I gave you an insight on how important it is to focus on particular areas in this field. I also hope you know now how popular it has been and will be in the near future.