Why FiveDotTwelve?

At FiveDotTwelve we focus on the creativity and independent thinking of each member of our team. We provide a flexible and friendly work environment to support you in the creation of applications and challenges posed by our clients.

Creativity and independent thinking are in our DNA. FiveDotTwelve, unlike larger corporations, offers a flexible and friendly working environment. It is with us, thanks to the close-knit team and the lack of corporate hierarchy, you can meet the challenges posed by our clients and create great mobile applications for them.

We are a group of creative people who value independent thinking. That's why you will not find a typical corporate hierarchy with us, but you will find a flexible and friendly working environment. With us you will be able to focus on what you like doing - creating great mobile applications and addressing the challenges posed by our clients.

You will find not only a job, but also a group of great friends with whom you will not only face new challenges, but also pop out for pizza, beer or play table football.

Are you a developer or graphic designer, or maybe you aren't sure which you prefer? At the path to your career you will find FiveDotTwelve.

Senior iOS Developer
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Senior Android Developer
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