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Native app development

Choosing native app development would be a reasonable approach when thinking about an app based only on one platform, such as an iPhone/iPad or Android application. It is also a good choice when implementing a project that requires using a specific technology, e.g. in the case of IoT solutions.

We pride ourselves on over 5 years of experience in implementing native applications, so you can be sure we can bring your ideas to life successfully.

  • SDK implementation
  • Social network app development
  • Lifestyle app development
  • Sport app development
  • Fintech app development
  • Healthcare app development
  • Insurance app development
  • Betting app development
  • IOT app development
  • Utilities app development
  • Museums app development
  • FMCG app development
Case study

The Autenti platform enables electronic signing of documents in a simple and secure way. Through the platform, you can send and sign legally binding documents exclusively online, on any device with Internet access.

Our work is based on six pillars

1. Constant communication

We stay in constant touch with our partners in order to ensure rapid feedback and make decisions faster, which let us produce even better software.

2. Product prototyping

Thanks to prototyping, we are able to present to you how the product will work after the development process. It helps us lay a solid foundation for your project.

3. Functional design

Our apps not only work perfectly, but they need to look great too. By having pro graphic designers on board, we can guarantee that your application will be both functional and pleasant to look at.

4. Advanced programming

Brilliant developers are our greatest asset. We love challenges and new experiences, so we are the people who will transform your ground-breaking ideas into serious products.

5. Quality control

We always make sure that the products we release are flawless, so the code that we develop is subjected to both automated and fully manual testing.

6. Support and feedback

Since we strive for a friendly and professional cooperation, our partners can always count on our feedback and help during the decision-making process.

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Sober Grid, as a sobriety social network available on all smartphones, delivers on-demand peer support right into the hands of users in recovery from substance addiction. It started because the founders were looking for a sober community that could be accessed anytime and anywhere.


TOTALbet is a legal Polish bookmaking company established in 2017. It offers the possibility of betting online and stands out on the market with quality in a modern system.

Technologies we use for native app development