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High-fidelity clickable prototypes

High-fidelity prototypes give a sense of a final solution. Their aim is to represent the closest resemblance to the end product — both in terms of functionality and design details. They can be clickable, which means it’s possible to test and interact with the product before the development stage begins. This gives a great opportunity to introduce any necessary changes and adjustments.

Hi-fi prototypes we make are perfect for stakeholders and partners because they can see how their product might work after it’s released. Based on them, our developers are able to estimate the development process as well.

  • High-fidelity screens
  • High-fidelity prototypes
    • Interface animation
    • Microinteractions
    Case study

    TOTALbet is a legal Polish bookmaking company established in 2017. It offers the possibility of betting online and stands out on the market with quality in a modern system.

    Our work is based on six pillars

    1. Constant communication

    We stay in constant touch with our partners in order to ensure rapid feedback and make decisions faster, which let us produce even better software.

    2. Product prototyping

    Thanks to prototyping, we are able to present to you how the product will work after the development process. It helps us lay a solid foundation for your project.

    3. Functional design

    Our apps not only work perfectly, but they need to look great too. By having pro graphic designers on board, we can guarantee that your application will be both functional and pleasant to look at.

    4. Advanced programming

    Brilliant developers are our greatest asset. We love challenges and new experiences, so we are the people who will transform your ground-breaking ideas into serious products.

    5. Quality control

    We always make sure that the products we release are flawless, so the code that we develop is subjected to both automated and fully manual testing.

    6. Support and feedback

    Since we strive for a friendly and professional cooperation, our partners can always count on our feedback and help during the decision-making process.

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    Tools we use for high-fidelity clickable prototypes