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5 questions to app owner – Łukasz Gąsiorowski, Stellis One

About Łukasz Gąsiorowski and his app

Łukasz Gąsiorowski is the CEO and Co-Founder of STELLIS, a tech company with the aim to revolutionize the sports industry. Their mission is to create digital solutions for sports organizations.

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One of their products is Stellis One – an integrated system for sports organizations, clubs and leagues. Its goal is to connect and unify all digital channels (CMS, PPV), fan base (CRM), e-commerce (tickets, e-shop, marketing automation), sports analytics, and document circulation within the organization.

Here, Łukasz shares the challenges and problems he faced while building and developing his product, as well as some tips.

What was the biggest challenge during app development and what helped you overcome it?

It was infrastructure scalability to multiple users. At first, we wanted to outsource the entire process. Unfortunately, the support we received was disproportionate to our requirements and our system.

Now, our DevOps team is committed to independent and systematic infrastructure development. I believe the key competence for our business, in this case cloud infrastructure, should not be outsourced and the competence should be built internally.

During the crisis moment, I consulted the project with as many as three, different, independent, external experts. I looked for solutions everywhere to get as many tips as possible.

In retrospect, what changes would you make to your product development process if you had to do it again?

I would set as many demo days as possible for our team. This would create a routine of working toward deadlines.

Moreover, dividing the projects into smaller tasks would make the implementations smoother.

What makes you choose these features to be implemented in your product and how do you prioritize them in the roadmap?

Since the start of the project, we have been working closely with our clients. The first version of Stellis One was implemented very quickly and we were able to get the feedback shortly after.

We look closely at the market, we do brainstorms and we adjust the roadmap whenever we see the business environment change.

We have an elastic approach to the roadmap and we adjust our priorities according to the feedback we collect from our clients and users.

Stellis One was launched in 2021. What do you consider your most significant milestones?

The biggest milestone was the first launch of the product in PGE Skra Bełchatów (the most titled volleyball club in Poland) in 2021. It gave us a huge experience in seeing the product in action and getting people to use it. We got a lot of positive feedback from that launch, which was like having the wind in our sails. 

The second one would be launching that product in the AWS environment.

How do you promote your app?

We developed two approaches to the promotion of Stellis One. First is word-of-mouth marketing, which started as direct contact with potential clients. These first clients are now our greatest ambassadors.

We work closely with them on spreading the idea of Stellis One in the industry. We also work on building databases to approach different leagues at different stages of professionalization.

The second approach that we implemented this year is setting up close cooperation with sport marketing events. This way we are able to build our brand, teach our potential clients about the digitalization of sports organizations and again approach clients directly.

In conclusion, here are 5 lessons learned from Łukasz’s experience:

  1. Make sure your app infrastructure is ready for scaling.
  2. Divide the project into smaller tasks to make implementations run more smoothly.
  3. Work closely with your clients.
  4. Prioritize your product roadmap based on user feedback and market conditions.
  5. Make direct contact with your potential clients and go where your target audience is.