Why FiveDotTwelve?

Creativity and independent thinking are in our DNA. Unlike large software houses, we provide a flexible and friendly working environment to help you develop better applications and solve various challenges.

Magdalena Koluszkowska Digital Marketing Specialist
The work culture here, especially the team that creates a fun atmosphere, lack of „micromanagement" and a lot of flexibility for employees + challenges that truly develop my skills make me feel really excited to work here. And I know it sounds cliché, but I really mean it. I highly recommend joining FDT.
Michał Borysławski Project Manager
As much as FiveDotTwelve allows me to work with new technologies and on ambitious projects, it allows me to work with people that are dedicated and passionate about things that they are doing. Those people - which I love working with for many years now - are in my opinion the biggest factor why we are so successful as a team.
Filip Staszek UI Designer
FiveDotTwelve is a place where I develop my UI design skills every day. Working in FDT team has significantly contributed to expanding my knowledge of the IT industry and teamwork at the same time.
Mateusz Walichnowski QA Specialist
FiveDotTwelve is the first workplace where I have experienced such a good atmosphere. I have met here not only professionals, but also people with whom I share my passion and interest in new technologies.
Maciej Włodarczyk Android Developer
Thanks to my internship at FiveDotTwelve, my interest in programming turned into a passion. By creating applications from various fields, together with our team we constantly face new challenges, which is a great value for me. I only feel sorry for the testers to whom we provide little work 🙂
FiveDotTwelve is more than a job. It’s a group of friends who face new challenges together, and we're always up for popping out for pizza, grabbing a beer, or playing some foosball.