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Agata Frontczak

4 simple ways to speed up mobile app development

ways to speed up mobile app development

How to speed up the process of mobile app development? This question is also often asked by our customers. We live in times when time is very important in business and everyone wants to implement new solutions as quickly as possible. That’s because these solutions can bring profit or growth. And this is understandable. So the good news is that in this article you will find 4 simple ways to speed up mobile app development.

Agata Frontczak

Why the initial estimates are inaccurate

initial estimates are inaccurate

If you’re familiar with mobile/web software development, you know that estimates are pretty important in the process. Especially for the Client. One of the first questions before the development is: How much will it cost? In most cases people won’t be willing to start a project without knowing how much they will pay and how long it will take.

Agata Frontczak

How to communicate remotely with your team in an effective way?

communicate remotely with your team effective

Communication issues are not only common during pandemic. Especially when it comes to web/app development cases. It’s become quite popular to conduct these projects remotely even before it was essential because of the current situation. And an undeniable point is that proper communication is the key to success. So how to do it effectively and how to avoid misunderstandings?

Agata Frontczak

Targeting your audience with Firebase

targeting audience firebase notifications

It will be nothing new if I tell you that personalizing messages to particular users of your mobile app can be very effective. Why reach the whole audience if the message is only addressed to a part of it? Users get angry if they get news that is useless for them. No one wants to get notifications about a product they’ve already bought or to do something they’ve already done. That’s why, having a mobile app, you should definitely consider using Firebase for Audiences, Cloud Messaging and In-App Messaging.

Agata Frontczak
April 14, 2021 Business Mobile Development MVP

Common mistakes while creating MVP and how to avoid them

mistakes while creating MVP

MVP is kind of a trimmed-down version but it doesn’t mean it has any deficiencies or that it’s not functional. The product is supposed to work for as many users as you need and its main purpose is to check the viability of the idea and to test its main features. In this article you’ll find some basics concerning the preparation for the MVP development.

Michał Powłoka

Flutter AR — solutions overview

If you want to implement some Augmented Reality features inside your Flutter app — get ready for hard times. In this article, you will find a complete overview of the most common AR development approaches in Flutter. Also, you’ll learn about some known catches, what kind of files with 3D models you need. Eventually, you will receive some more articles to learn more about topics that may interest you.

Agata Frontczak

Changing the partner for my project in mobile app development

changing the partner for my project

Sometimes the situation forces you to change the partner for your project. This might be caused by different reasons. Maybe your previous partner wasn’t able to proceed with the project? Maybe your previous partner could do it but you’d like to discover someone else’s approach, you’d like to change something? Or maybe during the development, it turned out that you need to use different technology and implement new features? No matter what it is, here are some hints for you on what you can do next.

Agata Frontczak

Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs

Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs

In case you have already thought the idea through and the design is created by your designer or any company, you probably can’t wait to launch the app. Remember though, that before the development team implements your idea, there are still other steps to complete. If you want it to be fine tuned, you have to be aware that it will take some time. So here are some hints for you to make your new mobile app a real success!

Agata Frontczak
February 10, 2021 Business Development Process

How to reduce mobile app development costs

how to reduce mobile app development

Once you decide to create a mobile app for your business, you are probably thinking about how to minimise the costs or how to create the best possible product in a predetermined budget. We all know the costs cutting is the part of a plan for the project, so here are some ways for you to simplify the process.

Filip Staszek
July 8, 2020 UI/UX

UI Style Guides and Atomic Design for better products

UI Style Guides

A style guide is a comprehensive document that consists of all the elements of a product’s interface, from text styles to buttons and more complex components. Creating one may take some time, especially in the early stage of the process, but the advantages of using it are definitely worth it.

Patryk Kacperski
March 27, 2020 Apple Flutter

Sign in with Apple in Flutter apps

sign in with Apple

In late 2019 Apple has released iOS 13 and with it a new requirement has been added to applications submitted to AppStore. Now whenever you want to upload an app that uses 3rd party sign-in methods (such as with Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) it must also employ Sign in with Apple authorization.

Jarosław Roliński
January 15, 2020 Android AppGallery

Application release in HUAWEI AppGallery

HUAWEI AppGallery

To share our creations, we mostly use Google’s Play Store. Unfortunately, China blocks this, so about 18.5% of the population is cut off from access to our products. Huawei comes to the rescue with their application distribution service, which is very similar to the Play Store. In this article, we will show you how to fill in all the forms, and release your application in HUAWEI AppGallery.

Damian Urbańczyk
June 26, 2019 Business Flutter

Why Flutter is a great solution for cross-platform app development

cross-platform app development

Flutter lets developers speed up the app development process and get the final product out to your client’s audience faster than ever before. Companies and clients around the world are starting to see the benefits that come with using Flutter. Let’s explore each of them and find out why Flutter could be the answer you are looking for when developing your next app.

Tomasz Korab
February 27, 2019 Swift

Navigation for sight-impaired people with haptics (Part 2)

Welcome back! The time has come for the second part of my article about navigation for sight-impaired people using haptics. In the previous blog post I focused on things less related to the navigation process but necessary to make it work properly. Here I cover how I used the results from the previous part to allow users navigate.

Michał Łubgan
January 24, 2019 Swift Web

Using Amazon S3 with Vapor

In one of my projects I had to deal with uploading images to the Vapor server. I thought about two different ways of resolving this issue — uploading to my server or using a third party storage. I decided to use Amazon S3.

Filip Staszek
December 7, 2018 UI/UX

Mobile-First Approach — why is it important?

Mobile-First Approach

According to 2018 statistics there are almost 5.135 billion mobile users in the world and mobile accounted for 52.2% of global online traffic, which means mobile phones are a crucial way of finding information and communicating these days. Taking this into account, designers need to start using mobile-first approach as often as possible. But what exactly is it and why is it so important in terms of User Experience (UX) design?