Hopeline is a startup from the USA building a product in the mental health industry. It is a mobile application for individuals who may be experiencing mental health challenges but face barriers to accessing traditional mental health services.

This includes individuals who are unable to access in-person therapy due to financial or logistical reasons, individuals who prefer the anonymity and convenience of online mental health support, and individuals who may be hesitant to seek traditional mental health services due to stigma.

Hopeline CEO on working with us

FDT not only walked me through all aspects of the project but also helped me understand how I could market my product in the best possible way. They are extremely efficient and professional and they have helped me break down chunks of knowledge into seamless UX designs.
dr Ambreén Zaman Riaz CEO of Hopeline


Hopeline's CEO approached us at a very early stage of the project. She wanted to find an investor before we could go into app development. Our task was to help the Partner shape the app's vision and prepare documentation and various materials needed to increase the chance of attracting an investor, e.g. an app prototype. All of this required a thorough understanding of the vision and needs of both our Partner and the future users of her app, and then turning that into a plan.

Project's scope

At this stage, a UI/UX Designer and a Project Manager/Business Analyst worked with the Partner. The scope of work included:

  • shaping the app vision, e.g. list of features, revenue model
  • creating the user persona through user research and preparing the user story
  • creating the wireframes, design concept, and app prototype
  • preparing materials for the pitch deck
  • recording a video for investors in which our team talked about this project

After acquiring an investor, we will move on to developing the mobile app.


Technology stack

Our team

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Project Manager/Business Analyst



We always prioritize effective communication as a crucial element for the success of every project. We used Google Meet for video meetings and e-mail contact to ensure seamless collaboration. For project management we used Jira.

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