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Adrian Stoliński

Custom store listing in Google Play: how to create it

custom store listings google play

Developing an app is only half the battle. Getting your app noticed and downloaded by the right audience is just as important. One of the tools that helps with that is Google Play custom store listings.

Marcin Kaczmarzyk
March 10, 2023 Mobile Development

Why should you use Sentry in your mobile app?


Is there a tool that can help developers effectively track and resolve app issues, ultimately leading to a better user experience? In this article, we will explore the steps necessary to successfully integrate Sentry into a Flutter application, providing tips and best practices along the way.

Piotr Dębski
March 3, 2023 Mobile Development

Backend development process. What does it look like and how to plan it effectively?

backend development process

The backend plays a crucial role in the functionality and performance of an app. It involves designing and building the server-side of an application, which powers the app’s logic, database, and integrations with other systems. Choosing the right team, tools and approach is crucial and it will have an impact on the whole lifecycle of the project.

Michał Ratajczak
February 24, 2023 UI/UX

App design best practices. How to design an app well

app design best practices

How to design the app well? There are several factors to consider. The key ones are ease of use, aesthetics and usability.

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