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Agata Frontczak
August 4, 2022 Mobile Development

How to build the first version of your mobile app effectively?

first version of mobile app

If you’ve been thinking about creating a mobile app for your business, or about starting a business with a new mobile app, here you’ll find a couple of words about building its first version. 

Magda Koluszkowska

5 questions to app owner – Michał Tajchert, Kanarek app

questions to app owner kanarek

Interview with owner of Kanarek – a mobile app for checking the air pollution, with over 500K downloads. Here, Michał shares the challenges and problems he faced while building and developing his product, as well as some tips.

Agata Frontczak
July 20, 2022 Business

What’s a UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and why is it helpful when building an app?


A Unique Value Proposition is something that will come up sooner or later if you’re looking for some hints on how to make your business successful. To create one, you need to get to know your target audience well and define what differentiates you from the competition. But that’s not everything. In this article you’ll find complex information on the Unique Value Proposition definition, you’ll get to know why creating a UVP is important and beneficial for you, how to create an effective UVP, as well as where to put the UVP to make the most of it.

Agata Frontczak
July 13, 2022 Mobile Development

How to choose the tech stack for a fitness app?

tech stack for a fitness app

In this article we present you with possible options for a fitness app tech stack and help you decide which technologies will be the best for your app. Check out what the fitness app market looks like today and how to become profitable in this branch.

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