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Agata Frontczak

18 things you should know about cross-platform mobile development – FAQ

cross-platform app development

In this article we’re describing all the basics, some interesting facts and answering frequently asked questions about cross-platform mobile development. You’ll also get to know whether cross-platform development is a way to go in your project and if not, what technologies, frameworks and tools you should consider. Find all you need to know about cross-platform mobile app development here!

Patryk Kacperski

What are Custom Offer Codes and how to set them up in the App Store Connect

Custom Offer Codes

Here you’ll find out what are Custom Offer Codes and how to set them up in the App Store Connect. Our developer also mentions the availability, limitations and rules in Custom Offer Codes.

Agata Frontczak, Magda Koluszkowska

What is A/B testing in mobile apps and why you should do it

A/B testing

What is A/B testing in mobile apps? It’s the best way to decide about the look and effectiveness of different components in your mobile app! In this article we mention A/B testing definition, benefits, hints and steps of the process. Check it out!

Agata Frontczak

How to build an MVP

How to build an MVP

This is a step by step guide on how to build an MVP. In this article you’ll find an explanation of the concept of a minimum viable product, steps of MVP development from the idea stage to the finished product, its management and maintenance, and a DOs and DON’Ts section where you’ll receive some hints on what should be done and what should be avoided in the process.

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