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Michał Borysławski

Why are story points estimates better than hour estimates?

story points estimates

Question that either you or your supervisor is always asking – “how long will it take you to do something” is one of the most important questions that comes with planning and decision making. Knowing how long your task will take determines what should be done now, what should be done later or what shouldn’t be done at all – it all depends on estimating. What’s the difference between story points estimates and hour estimates and which option would be better for software development? Find out now.

Agata Frontczak

Models in mobile app development pricing

Models in mobile app development pricing

Here’s a brief introduction to two ways to handle billing in software development. The choice depends on many factors such as the scope of work, size of the project, requirements. So time and material or fixed price? Learn what are the models in mobile app development pricing and find out which solution is the best for your project.

Agata Frontczak

Quality Assurance — what is it and why is it important?

quality assurance

Quality Assurance is a procedure that ensures that a software product or service is produced with due care — it is simply good quality. It helps companies to build trust among their customers. This is partly achieved through software testing by QA Specialists. What does good quality mean? It is primarily about ensuring that the product is efficient and free from defects and errors.

Agata Frontczak

Benefits of Voice Commerce

Voice Commerce

Customers want to take advantage of increasingly easy ways to shop, and this is one of them. So after eCommerce and mCommerce there comes the time for voice ordering. How does it work? You can purchase things online using just your voice and a compatible smart device. Learn about the benefits of Voice Commerce now.

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