Ecomess smart water meter reader app
Ecomess smart water meter reader app
Ecomess smart water meter reader app
Ecomess smart water meter reader app
Ecomess smart water meter reader app
Ecomess smart water meter reader app

Ecomess is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of single-jet water and electronic water meters. They also supply other water-related products to the domestic market. The company’s primary customers include housing associations and utility metering companies. 

We have had a successful collaboration with Ecomess on various projects. Our partnership began through a recommendation. For this project, we partnered with Ecomess to develop a mobile application. Its purpose was to read water consumption from water meters using an external antenna connected to a smartphone. 

In addition to this project, we have developed a Data Management System for Ecomess clients as well as an AI-based OCR Reader.


Our Partner, represented by the CEO and Project Manager, approached us with the goal of replacing an existing solution developed by a freelancer. They wanted to provide their clients with a convenient way to meet their business needs through an IoT mobile application collecting data from water meters. The decision to work with us was influenced by our previous collaboration on a different project.

Through our collaboration with Ecomess, we successfully developed a mobile application that enables their clients' employees to conveniently gather meter readings via their smartphones. The antenna can be connected to a smartphone via a USB OTG cable.

The application enables staff members working in water companies responsible for collecting readings from meters to perform this task using a smartphone with a mobile application on the Android platform. It also requires an antenna that can be connected to the phone. Through the mobile application, employees have access to a list of locations where readings take place. They can modify this list and also view historical readings.

Project's scope

Our primary focus for this project revolved around research and development. We dedicated significant resources to thoroughly understand the unique requirements of the client's reading collection process, ensuring that our solution seamlessly integrated into their existing workflows. During the development phase, our team of developers worked to transform the conceptual ideas into a fully functional Android mobile application, using the knowledge of IoT development

Enabling remote reading of measurements from the meters involved linking a smartphone to an antenna. This connection was facilitated through the integration of the OTG function. It allowed the collection of data in the Wireless M-Bus format, which was then transmitted to the backend for processing.

Our UI/UX design expertise played an essential role in designing a user-friendly interface for non-technical staff. Our QA specialists tested the application at each milestone, identifying and addressing any potential issues, bugs or performance bottlenecks. We’ve also taken care of the project management.

Ecomess smart water meter reader app


To tackle this challenge, we chose Kotlin as the programming language. Since we were targeting a specific platform (Android), Kotlin was the best fit. Moreover, the project involved a significant amount of platform-specific communication with the device.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this solution is that it addresses a specific real-world case and fulfils a tangible need. Additionally, working on a project that incorporated an antenna provided us with the opportunity to explore integrations beyond the scope of standard projects.


Technology stack

Our team

  • 2 Android developers
  • Project Manager
  • QA tester
  • UI/UX designer



Throughout the project, we maintained effective communication using Slack for real-time discussions and Jira for task management.

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