Smartlock was created in cooperation with LXT — a group of Wi-Fi specialists who try to solve various problems using networks and their configuration. Smartlock is a system that allows users to easily and safely open doors that they have received authorization for. This app is a part of the BramaXS solution that allows users to manage multiple zones. One can easily define which persons have access to which zones.

Project's scope

Creating a modern solution in cooperation with a multicultural team, preparing a graphic design for the application and testing its functionality.


The main challenge was implementing the use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology to pair the door handle with the smartphone.

Technologies used in this project


Implementation of a key on the smartphone — a convenient and innovative solution for those who value comfort.

What our Partner says about us

Dennis Henkes CEO at LXT
FiveDotTwelve helped our product to reach the sky. They rapidly developed our app with a very nice look and feel. Our collaboration was great from the early start. They think along, which improved our vision in significant ways. The team is very committed and eager to make each project a success.

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