Cosinus is a nationwide chain of universities, vocational qualification courses and free schools for youth and adults with the largest number of graduates in the country — over 200 thousand and still growing. 

These schools can pride themselves on having the highest number of passed professional and maturity exams in the history of Polish education. Every year, the schools achieve the highest number of technician degrees and maturity exams obtained.


The company wanted to expand its services with a mobile application. The technical director came to us after familiarising with the mobile app we created for Widzew. The director explained the functionalities of the web platform and our task was to create a mobile app which reflects the functionality of an existing website, adapting it to mobile standards

The challenge we faced was that we didn’t have full access to the platform and this made the whole process quite complicated. Integration with the backend was also quite difficult as it did not have a dedicated API to communicate with the mobile application.

Thanks to the app you can: 
  • have access to your class schedule at any time
  • stay up-to-date with what's going on in your school
  • view the current offerings of Cosinus schools 
  • register to your school or courses online 
  • take part in classes as a listener
  • use a mobile widget showing the timetable of your classes

      Project's scope

      Our goal was to create an application useful for students of Cosinus Schools - with the ability to find the schedule of classes and events and learn about the offer. As this app was to be built from scratch, we've started our cooperation from in-depth analysis of our Partner's business, its needs as well as prepared tech stack and features recommendations. After this stage, we were responsible for creating the designs, mobile app development and launching the final product in mobile stores.

      During the Covid-19 wave when students could only have online classes, we’ve also implemented a completely new feature into the app: the e-learning module. We’re still in cooperation with our Partner maintaining and helping to find new ways to develop the product. 


      We managed to help our Partner achieve the goal of building a successful mobile app with 15000+ monthly active users.

      Technology stack:

      Our Partner was aware of the advantages of using a cross platform solution from the outset so we developed this mobile app using Flutter.


      • 1 Project Manager
      • 2 Flutter developers
      • 1 designer
      • 1 QA tester



      Following our Partner's workflow recommendation we used Trello to transparently manage the project. On a daily basis, we contacted our client through Google Meet and simply by phone calls. We also took care of continuous communication with the backend on the client's side.

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