WearWorks is a haptics design company based in the USA, founded in 2015. We helped them develop a mobile app for their first product, a wearable haptic navigation device for the blind and visually impaired called WAYBAND™ (HapticNav).


In this project, we partnered with another app development company and were challenged to take over the project from the previous company and finish building the product. The goal was to connect a smart band with a mobile app and guide users to an end destination using only vibration. Offloading this from the eyes and ears, the WAYBAND™ (HapticNav) delivers information without a display in a more intuitive way.

Project's scope

Our main task in this project was to create a native iOS mobile application that connects to a smart wristband. The product has IoT elements and for the implementation, it was crucial to know how to calibrate the device and use the gyroscope in the iPhone so that regardless of the position it would always show the correct route. For more on this, check the articles of one of the developers who worked on this solution: part 1 and part 2.


Technology stack

Our team

  • iOS developer
  • Project Manager


We used Slack and Zoom for regular communication.

What our Partner says about us

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We've been working with FiveDotTwelve for a long time. They do a great job helping us create the best version of our product. Very responsive, coming with interesting ideas, professionals you can count on. We are very pleased with this cooperation.
Kevin Yoo Founder at WearWorks
Check out this app Visit website: www.wear.works/

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