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UI/UX audit

Investigate bottlenecks and get an analysis of what you can improve in the UI/UX of your app to turn it into a better digital product.

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User experience and user interface play a crucial role in the success of any digital venture. Our UI/UX audit services are designed to elevate your digital presence and optimize user interactions.

It involves a thorough evaluation of various elements, including design components, hierarchy of information, colors, typography, icons, layout, accessibility, and overall user journey.

Through this process, we pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your UI and UX design, providing tailored recommendations.

What will you get from a UI/UX audit


A complete analysis of your application to examine whether it is designed according to best practices.


Identification of UI/UX design areas for improvement that negatively affect user perception of your application.


A set of recommendations for implementation that will improve user engagement and satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

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UI/UX audit – what does it include

UX audit part:
  • Usability Heuristics – evaluating the overall usability, identifying potential issues to enhance user experience.
  • Accessibility Assessment – ensuring compliance with accessibility standards like WCAG, facilitating inclusivity for users with disabilities through features like text alternatives and keyboard accessibility.
  • Content Analysis – analyzing clarity, relevance, and effectiveness of content to meet user needs and expectations, enhancing communication and user engagement.
  • Performance and Loading Speed – evaluating technical performance to address slow-loading pages or performance issues, optimizing user interactions.
  • Cognitive Walkthrough – simulating user thought processes to uncover usability issues and gain insights into user experience during specific tasks, informing improvements for smoother interaction.
UI audit part:
  • Hierarchy of information – organizing and prioritizing information elements for clarity and ease of understanding, guiding users' attention to crucial details or calls to action.
  • Design components consistency – ensuring uniformity in design elements across the interface, fostering familiarity, reducing learning curve, and reflecting professionalism.
  • Colors – selecting colors thoughtfully for readability, accessibility, emotional impact, and cultural significance, enhancing overall usability and visual aesthetic.
  • Typography – choosing typography that enhances readability and reflects brand identity, considering factors like font style, tracking, and line height.
  • Iconography – selecting icons that aid users in understanding functionalities, simplifying complex concepts, and reinforcing brand identity.
  • Layout – organizing elements effectively to aid navigation, highlight essential information, and guide user attention to critical elements or calls to action.
  • Overall aesthetics – aligning product design with current trends and brand guidelines to reinforce brand recognition, enhance user retention, and reflect contemporary design sensibilities.

What our Partners say about us

quote symbol
FDT have an exceptional team. They hire selectively which is obvious when you begin working with them. Their development skills are first rate, as are their product/UI/UX skills. Don't have any hesitation about hiring them, they're awesome.
Lucien O'Donoghue
Lucien O'Donoghue Founder at Squaddy
quote symbol
They love working on our projects, and they enjoy what they do. Most developers don't like to work on other people's code but FiveDotTwelve has been very open to that. Thanks to them, we didn't have to rewrite the app's code. They're also timely, which is why we have a very good relationship.
Farida Shakhshir Founder of SimSim Recipes
quote symbol
FDT have successfully helped across several different projects. They have been able to provide a personable and human approach to outsourcing. Their developers integrated into our team on one project whilst on another they were able to take a specification and independently deliver the final product. Would highly recommend.
daniel nicolson
Daniel Nicolson Managing Director at Cleversteam
quote symbol
Our joint project with FDT resulted in outstanding results for our company. We achieved all business goals in given schedule and budget. On development level, the agile approach proposed by FDT, helped us to have a full control on our project. On personal level, working with Damian and his goal-oriented team was an exciting journey which was a pleasure not a daily routine. Hopefully, we can work together in the future.
piotr czak
Piotr Czak CEO at PySENSE
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve understood our intentions and needs well. We could count on their advice at each stage of the work. They prepared a design that suited us very much, keeping our website in a simple but elegant tone.
Patryk Kornas
Patryk Kornas Founder at Andermatt Swiss Watches
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve provided strong guidance throughout the process and was receptive to receiving and implementing feedback. Their team is dependable and delivers high-quality products. Honesty and reliability are hallmarks of their work.
Joseph Basha CEO at Perfusion International
quote symbol
The most impressive aspect of working with FiveDotTwelve was the team ethos and everybody pulling together to find solutions to issues within the development roadmap.
kevin scott
Kevin Scott CEO at Mudita Sports UK LTD
quote symbol
We have been using FiveDotTwelve as our development partner for UX design and web development. They are efficient, service minded, proactive and available. I can give them my best recommendations.
Kathleen Meling CTO at LifePlanner AS
quote symbol
This was a steep learning curve for me and the whole team at FiveDotTwelve were as patient as they were professional. It really felt like the whole team was working together to build the best possible app, developing and enhancing my initial ideas.
Aidan Harvey-Craig Founder at WellSenz
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve treats my project like their own and is always willing to provide ideas that make the product better. Often, they are able to provide feedback on my ideas that make things more efficient or user-friendly, and that back-and-forth is one of the biggest strengths of working with them.
Piotr Lewandowski CEO & Founder at ParrotOne
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve is more like a team than an agency that you just hire. Great understanding of the product and my vision. They were really supportive when I needed that, and also when I wasn’t expecting any assistance from them at all. I highly recommended FiveDotTwelve.
Özgur Coban Founder at FERMO Food
quote symbol
We’ve been working with FiveDotTwelve for years. They helped us develop a mobile app and a website. They often think ahead of us, they advise along the way and deliver products exceeding our expectations. Working with them has been a sheer pleasure and a huge dose of professionalism.
Małgorzata Drozdowska Marketing specialist at Apsys Management (Manufaktura)
quote symbol
It was a pleasure collaborating with FiveDotTwelve. They were an extension of our team and distance was not a problem. Everyone we met was friendly and professional. Well oriented in planning the tech stack, they were a guiding hand in developing our product. I would enjoy working with them again and wholeheartedly recommend their services.
Han Lee Co-founder at ShakaPass
quote symbol
I heard about FiveDotTwelve when they developed an app for a local football club. In our long-term cooperation, I have appreciated the flexible approach to our corporate structures. What was really special was their help in understanding how mobile app development works, their guidance throughout the process and their expert knowledge. They were not afraid of challenges.
jaroslaw lukowicz
Jarosław Łukowicz Owner of COSINUS Schools
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve helped our product to reach the sky. They rapidly developed our app with a very nice look and feel. Our collaboration was great from the early start. They think along, which improved our vision in significant ways. The team is very committed and eager to make each project a success.
Dennis Henkes CEO at LXT
quote symbol
It was a true pleasure to work with FiveDotTwelve, and they showed the highest level of professionalism. For us, this experience was like a 101 in managing and conducting IT projects. Their approach allowed us develop a final app version that exceeded our expectations, while opening new possibilities, and generating ideas for future products.
Michal Obrębski Board Member at PySENSE
quote symbol
On the sports market, mobile applications are not a new solution for communicating with fans. However, it is rare for a service provider to create a fully dedicated product for a club, which is exactly what happened in case of this project. An experienced team cooperated with a strong sports brand and the result is an effective marketing tool.
Tomasz Koprowski Marketing Director at Skra Bełchatów
quote symbol
They were more than just an agency; they really felt like a part of our organization. They worked incredibly hard and relished it. They took ownership of the platform, so, if there were any problems, they were as eager as we were to fix them.
Oni Banurji Co-founder at DinerMojo
quote symbol
FDT team really dedicated themselves to deliver an outstanding app — it wasn't just another project on the list to check. They were not only delivering on contractual obligations but also didn't hesitate to propose improvements.
Margaret Zablocka Founder & CEO at Onoco
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve helped us find right approach to create new version of mobile application. They are very open minded, often suggesting good ideas and quick in execution. What is also important they understand how we work and were able to adapt.
Gundars Graumanis Market Manager at Knauf
quote symbol
Their communication was the most impressive thing about them. They not only waited for input from us but also proposed solutions. They were our partner, not just a team doing what they were told.
Mateusz Żółtak Founder at Lagerhaus, GreenSense GmbH
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve delivered an end-to-end mobile app redesign that’s much more secure and continues to spur business growth. Since the new product launch, there has been a consistent upward trend in ratings, downloads, and monthly active users. The team was responsive, prompt, and dedicated.
nick farni
Nick Farni Head of Product at Sober Grid
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve has allowed us to integrate a new area of communication with our fans and increase marketing opportunities. The implementation of the project and its results exceeded our expectations.
Tomasz Sadłecki Director for Technology and Innovation at Widzew
quote symbol
We've been working with FiveDotTwelve for a long time. They do a great job helping us create the best version of our product. Very responsive, coming with interesting ideas, professionals you can count on. We are very pleased with this cooperation.
Kevin Yoo Founder at WearWorks
quote symbol
Working with FiveDotTwelve was a positive change after our earlier experiences. They were focused on understanding our needs, were able to bring valuable comments to our ideas and above all they implemented an intuitive solution that allowed us to expand our offer.
Natalia Szepniewska Director of Business Development at Maxima Fides
quote symbol
I’m very happy, they’re a really good team. We shopped around a bunch of different places, and they were the best during the presale and execution stages. I’ve done a lot of software work, and they’re in the top percentile.
Alex Azzi Chief Biohacker at Biohack Network
quote symbol
I recommend FiveDotTwelve for everyone who are not fond of hearing “it can’t be done”. The team successfully managed to develop my app ideas, often advising on how the functions could be improved. If it wasn’t for FiveDotTwelve, my project probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day.
Piotr Jarząbek Founder at WeAreBikers
quote symbol
FiveDotTwelve are great people, good value, good quality, professional developers. They do what it takes to get the job done.
Bruce Eley Co-founder at Jōbu
quote symbol
Thanks to FiveDotTwelve we were able to effectively enter the market in a short period of time and become operational in multiple countries. The communication was clear and efficient even though at times there were a lot of various topics going on at the same time.
Adam Zaorski Co-Founder and CEO at Corner

When do you need a UI/UX audit

User dissatisfaction signals the need for an audit, as does the desire to benchmark against competitors or industry standards. Ensuring accessibility compliance, addressing shifts in engagement metrics, and incorporating new features or technologies are all opportune times for a UI/UX audit. Essentially, the timing hinges on the product's lifecycle, strategic goals, and the evolving landscape of user expectations.

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Benefits of a comprehensive UI/UX audit

Enhanced overall User Experience

A UI/UX audit ensures design consistency, layout optimization, and proper implementation of fonts, colors, and icons, leading to a more positive user perception and enhanced aesthetics.


Improved brand perception and trust

Consistency in design elements and alignment with brand guidelines foster trust and recognition among users, reinforcing brand identity and encouraging desired actions, resulting in tangible business success.


Cost and time savings

Conducting a UI/UX audit early in the process prevents the need for extensive redesigns in the future, saving both time and costs associated with rework and ensuring efficient resource allocation.


Adaptability and scalability

A well-audited UI/UX design system facilitates easier integration of new features or expansions, leading to a more adaptable and scalable product, ultimately saving significant resources in the long run.


Elevated user satisfaction and loyalty

By identifying and addressing user pain points, a UI/UX audit enhances overall user satisfaction, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, which are crucial for sustained business success.


Optimized conversion rates

An intuitive and user-friendly design, achieved through a UI/UX audit, influences user actions positively, optimizing conversion funnels and boosting bottom-line revenue for businesses.


Strategic advantage and differentiation

Benchmarking against industry standards and competitors, a UI/UX audit provides insights to differentiate the business and provide a superior user experience, attracting and retaining customers effectively.


Accessibility and inclusivity

Addressing accessibility issues ensures compliance with legal requirements and moral imperatives, broadening the user base and catering to users with disabilities, thereby promoting inclusivity and diversity.


Data-driven decision making

Rooted in user testing and research, a UI/UX audit empowers businesses to make informed choices about design changes, prioritizing improvements based on real user feedback for maximum impact on user experience.

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