habitive habit tracker
habitive habit tracker
habitive habit tracker
habitive habit tracker

Habitive is a habit tracker mobile app that we have developed internally. We aimed to create a product that could have a significant impact on people's lives. After brainstorming and our personal experiences in today's world, we concluded that an app to help build good habits would be ideal for this purpose.

Habit + positive = Habitive


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Our goal was to build an application with a mission to change lives. Considering the large number of habit trackers available in stores, we knew we had to differentiate our product from the competition to attract users. Through extensive UX research, we identified the following distinctive features:

  • Fresh and intuitive design with custom-made 3D elements
  • Minimalistic UI/UX design to simplify habit creation without overwhelming users with numerous options
  • Free version with the ability to create unlimited habits
  • Weekly schedule and goal setting to better plan habits throughout the week
  • Advanced statistics and gamification elements for motivation and discipline

One of the boldest decisions we made was to eliminate the choice of units for each habit. For example, instead of breaking down the "drinking water" habit into 8 glasses a day and tracking it glass by glass, we discovered through user interviews that many individuals prefer a simpler approach. They want a clear indication of whether they completed a habit for the day rather than spend excessive time on the app. By understanding this user preference, we simplified the habit-tracking process.

Project's scope

We started the project with product design workshops. As the Product Owner lacked technical expertise, we conducted 4 meetings to shape the idea comprehensively, covering both business and technology aspects. During these workshops, we accomplished the following:

  • Defined business goals
  • Identified and chose the target group
  • Developed a business model canvas
  • Established success metrics
  • Conducted competitive analysis to identify differentiators
  • Created a budget overview
  • Collaborated with the UI/UX designer, app developer, QA tester, and Project Manager/Analyst to outline detailed features
  • Created wireframes and initial UI/UX designs

Additionally, we performed UX research focused on understanding the user persona and conducted a session to generate a name for the app.


habitive habit tracker


From the Product Owner's perspective, the presence of the entire product team at the workshops provided huge value. Despite her lack of technical knowledge, the team supported her by sharing their expertise and providing feedback on various ideas.

They also evaluated the feasibility and value of proposed solutions, considering future app development and potential enhancements. If they saw a simpler, better, or more budget-friendly option to get the job done, they didn't hesitate to suggest it, weighing the pros and cons of each idea.

Following the workshops, we completed the UI/UX design, proceeded with Flutter app development, conducted simultaneous app QA testing, implemented mobile analytics to gather data on Habitive usage, and published the app on app stores. Additionally, we designed and launched a landing page.

We also implemented several automation here to make it easier to take care of the app:

  • We get notifications on Slack about new reviews on Google Play and the App Store, so we can respond to them quickly and keep track of what users think about Habitive
  • Every hour, we automatically check that the server is working and the app is running smoothly


The time taken to release the first version of Habitive was as follows:

  • UI/UX design: 257 hours
  • Flutter development: 790 hours
  • QA testing: 39 hours

Key Achievements in this Project:

  • 1000 downloads within the first month, achieved without any marketing activities.
  • Positive feedback regarding the beautiful UI/UX design of Habitive and its smooth performance.
  • Early implementation of mobile analytics based on events in the MVP version, enabling us to gather valuable insights into user behavior and identify areas for improvement.

Technology stack

Our team

  • 1-2 Flutter developers
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner
  • QA tester
  • UI/UX designer

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Building Habitive is an incredible journey. I don't have a technical background but thanks to the amazing support and expertise of our team, we were able to bring the app vision to life. Working with the whole product team throughout the process was really valuable as it provided me with guidance and helped me make the right decisions and avoid mistakes. This teamwork and support is priceless.
Magda Koluszkowska Product Owner at Habitive


Communication was essential throughout the development of the Habitive app. We used Jira for project management, enabling task tracking and progress monitoring. Daily communication took place on Slack, allowing instant messaging and efficient collaboration. We also utilized Google Meet for virtual meetings and held face-to-face meetings regularly.

Check out this app Visit website: habitive.app

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