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10 Flutter mobile apps examples

Flutter apps have become very popular recently as this technology turned out to be a great fit for almost any kind of solution. Companies choose it to build apps with Flutter for various branches and audiences. Cross-platform app development makes it possible to provide users with the same experience as with native applications

Let’s dig into the case and find out what Flutter is and how we have used its advantages in our projects. You’ll find a couple of Flutter apps examples to find out how these apps can look like and serve their users. 

Quick recap: What is Flutter?

Flutter is an innovative technology for creating applications on mobile, desktop, and web platforms. It’s a free, open-source UI framework from Google. What’s most important about it is that with Flutter developers can create mobile apps both for multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android, with a single codebase. This makes it an extremely time-saving solution. The Flutter app development is faster and owners can check its viability to decide whether they should continue or not. 

It’s also very cost-effective as only one developer is enough to build a functional MVP with Flutter framework. The programming language used in this technology is Dart

You can learn more in our article: What is Flutter?.

Mobile apps made with Flutter 

Flutter apps aren’t worse or better than native apps. We provide you with some flutter app examples so you can see that these are, from users’ point of view, mobile apps just like any others and that they can be very different. If you’re planning to create an Android and iOS app, you should definitely consider Flutter. However, the mobile app development company you’ve reached will probably give you the best advice on technology choice based on your requirements concerning app features.

Mobile app brief template

Squaddy – fitness and social network for everyone

Squaddy is a fitness mobile app with social network elements we created for Projektt Technologies Ltd. It’s designed to let you create and join fitness and wellness groups with your friends, teammates, clients and colleagues. Whether you’re a sports team organizing your training, a group of friends taking on a wellness challenge, or a personal trainer working with your clients, Squaddy makes it easy to train together.

With the Squaddy app you can:
  • Create and share workouts and training content with your group and create interactive leaderboards to make things competitive
  • Chat with your teammates, training buddies and clients in your Squaddy group
  • Organize online or IRL sessions, matches and events using the group calendar
  • Create in-depth articles, guides and links to post to your group to keep your members engaged and organized
  • Invite members into your group with a customisable link
  • Promote and demote admins and remove members to run your fitness/wellness community without hassle
  • Give your community the chance to interact with each other to motivate, offer support and build relationships
  • Create groups from 1 to 200k members, so you can keep it private or wide open.

Squaddy supports all types of training and wellness, from Aikido to Zumba, and everything in between. 

Want a mobile app supporting fitness and social networking? Flutter is a way to go!

Read the case study here


SimSim Recipes – a guide for every cooking lover

SimSim is a startup from Dubai, a recipe app connecting people with a common passion – cooking. The SimSim app is basically a guide in which you’ll find plenty of recipes for delicious home cooked Middle Eastern food. With authentic recipes that have step-by-step instructions and photos, you’ll find it easier than ever to cook and enjoy a wide range of Arabic dishes.

The CEO of SimSim Recipes came to us with an app to arrange further development with new features, complete and improve the previously initiated redesign and implement an app monetization model. We’ve taken over the project from a freelancers team with whom the communication has not been made easy for our Partner. We also had to fix a great amount of bugs in the app.

The SimSim Recipes app has everything you need to prepare delicious meals and feasts for friends and family. 

Through the SimSim app you can:
  • Browse a wide selection of authentic dishes
  • Find suggestions for complementary dishes
  • Search for recipes by name or ingredient
  • Filter recipes based on type and difficulty
  • Change the ingredients amounts to suit your serving size
  • Email yourself the ingredients to help you with your shopping.

The app is available in English and Arabic.

How about a recipes app with lots of pictures and stories? Flutter will handle that!

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Jobu – stay active regardless of your physical abilities

Jōbu is a group of people whose mission is to improve society’s wellbeing by making inclusive, affordable classes and personal training accessible to everyone in a socially responsible, motivational, efficient and convenient way.

Jōbu shares a philosophy, behavioral science and motivational techniques with public health organizations, corporates, local authorities, sporting organizations and the general public, to encourage people of all abilities and backgrounds to improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing. 

The company offers free workshops for employees, local authorities, physical activity providers and personal trainers, motivating everyone to get and stay active.

Users of the Jōbu app are also encouraged to support charity and invite family, friends and colleagues to join in, which leads to improved local communities. The app is dedicated to the UK market. 

The app gives users the opportunity to:
  • Join a class or a personal trainer
  • Improve your physical, mental and social wellbeing
  • Improve your relations in the community
  • Support charities. 

Can we create an app gathering people to stay active together with Flutter? Yes we can! 

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Onoco – the best app for parents

Onoco is a parenting mobile app serving parents and child care attendants to make it easier for them to track the baby’s activities and overall progress. Other similar apps focus either on tracking, baby journal, baby’s development or planning. This Flutter app combines all these features and introduces other useful ideas helping to take care of babies in the best possible way.

The founder of Onoco came to us when she was looking for Flutter developers as she had chosen that technology for her startup. So our Partner was aware of the advantages of using a cross-platform solution from the outset and it was pretty clear from the beginning of the project that we’ll use the Flutter framework for the development.

This is an example of a community mobile app for modern parents to provide them with safe and convenient childcare support.

The app’s features enable to:
  • Make parents’ lives easier by helping them to manage their time and activities thanks to learning the child's natural rhythm and daily routines
  • Track their child’s development by implementing a variety of features to collect important data about them that have never been combined into one app before
  • Provide them with a peace of mind, especially when using the help of a babysitter, by simplifying the flow of information between them and the caregiver
  • Create a complementary solution for tracking baby’s development, baby journal as well as for planning.

Community app with social features? Flutter makes it possible!

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onoco app

Corner – live commerce app 

Corner is a social e-commerce Flutter app enabling shopping via live streaming. Founded in 2020, this startup is connecting brands and influencers promoting their products on live streams with users who can shop presented things directly from the application.

The company, after our recommendations, have decided to build a Flutter app as they wanted to launch the product as fast as possible for both Android and iOS, and this Live Commerce solution could be created with this framework. 

The co-founder of Corner came to us with an MVP. It has proven the validity of the initial assumptions, but we had to rewrite the app according to our Partner’s needs and without generating any lacks in its features so that it serves the same audience in a better way.

In this project, Flutter allowed us to implement advanced in-app views and features for streaming.

The core features of this app include:
  • Live streaming and buying directly from it
  • Online shopping with real-time interaction
  • Social networking elements (social interactions, real-time chatting, profile management)
  • Discovering currently trending products.

        Mobile app for live streams and e-commerce? Yes, it's possible with Flutter!

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        corner app

        Plants & Pots – mCommerce app with AR module 

        Plants & Pots is an online shop offering a wide range of plants with matching pots. The Founder and CEO of Plants & Pots came to us with an idea for an ecommerce mobile app based on their existing website. This Flutter app was intended to convey the essence of the website, so we had to implement the features from the webpage into the mobile app (the whole products database, integrating the e-commerce system and the payment system).

        With benefits of cross-platform app development (lower cost and faster development thanks to writing only one app for both Android and iOS platforms), we decided to create this ecommerce mobile app using Flutter and a little bit of native code parts for the AR module. You can read in Flutter AR how we managed to put a 3D module in the app and see some hints on this topic.

        The goals of this app:
        • Increase sales through convenient shopping from mobile devices 
        • Gain a new way of communication with customers and make it easier for them to contact Plants & Pots
        • Help in making a purchase decision with Augmented Reality (AR) module to visualize how the plant looks like in real life
        • Help users to take care of their plants by sending notifications to remind them about watering.

        Augmented Reality module in a mobile app for m-commerce? We’ve done it with Flutter!

        Read the case study here

        plants and pots app

        WellSenz – wellbeing app with great animations

        WellSenz is a Flutter app created to help students take care of their wellbeing and mental health. It's a part of a promotion campaign for the book “18 Wellbeing Hacks for Students: Using Psychology’s Secrets to Survive and Thrive”. It was intended to be a simple tool to help users check daily activities, helping them build a routine of positive habits. The mission of this project was to build the best student wellbeing app in the universe

        We’ve created this app with Flutter so we were able to launch the product faster and our Partner benefited from this by cutting costs.

        The achieved goal of this project was to:
        • Help students take care of themselves and their environment by building good habits
        • Enable weekly and monthly tracking of activities helping to achieve wellbeing
        • Provide support to people in need from different organizations in the Help Zone 
        • Maintain the atmosphere of peace and balance in the app with pleasing, smooth animations and the overall look 
        • Offer over 60 multi-sensory hacks which can be built into your day.

        Beautiful designs and smooth animations – made with heart. And Flutter.

        Read the case study here

        wellsenz app

        Cosinus – app for school and university students

        Cosinus is a nationwide chain of universities, vocational qualification courses and free schools for youth and adults with the largest number of graduates in Poland. The company wanted to expand its services with a mobile app for their students. The technical director of Cosinus explained the functionalities of the web platform and our task was to create an app which reflects the functionality of an existing website, adapting it to mobile standards. The product serves a very large number of users.

        Our Partner was aware of the advantages of using a cross platform solution from the outset so we developed this app using Flutter framework for faster and efficient development. During the Covid-19 wave when students could only have online classes, we’ve also implemented a completely new feature into the app: the e-learning module. 

        Thanks to the app you can: 
        • Have access to your class schedule at any time
        • Stay up-to-date with what's going on in your school
        • View the current offerings of Cosinus schools 
        • Register to your school or courses online 
        • Take part in classes as a listener
        • Use a mobile widget showing the timetable of your classes.

              Educational mobile app for mass numbers of users? Do it with Flutter!

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              cosinus app

              MediWeb – critical tools for medical professionals

              MediWeb is a hub for Perfusion and Nursing, a community of dedicated medical professionals that want to learn and enjoy learning from others. The CEO of MediWeb had an idea to create an app for doctors, nurses and other medical workers that would be helpful in their daily work

              There are two apps for MediWeb: Critical Care Application and IV Dosage and Rate Calculator. They’re mostly created for the use of medical workers to make it easier for them to calculate different measures they need for studies

              They provide clear formula structure and user-friendly input fields to quickly calculate the results. There are 5 different calculator categories and each category contains a comprehensive list of easy-to-use calculators. Each of them has its own "about" page to explain formulas and correct or incorrect results.

              A critical tool for medical usage and managing important data? We’ve taken up this challenge and made it with Flutter!

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              mediweb app

              Skra Bełchatów – volleyball club app

              Officially called KPS Skra Bełchatów SA is a Polish volleyball club based in Bełchatów. Marketing director of Skra Bełchatów came to us with an idea for an app as he was familiar with the app we made for Widzew. Being aware that in the sports industry this is an effective marketing channel and a common way to keep in touch with club's fans, they decided to build their own app. It allows users to easily and quickly find information about their favorite team.

              A particularly challenging part of this project was the short deadline and creating a server application which is a proxy of several data sources used by the app. We have implemented a large number of integrations in it. That’s also why we thought Flutter framework is the best fit for this kind of solution.

              With the app, fans can:
              • Keep up to date with daily news from the club, matches schedule and the current league table
              • Be always informed about on-going matches, their progress and results – via push notifications
              • Get to know the team through pictures, videos and information about each player
              • Buy club merchandise
              • Experience the excitement of a match via a photo gallery and videos.

                    Want a mobile app for a sports club available on multiple platforms? Flutter is a way to go!

                    Read the case study here

                    skra app

                    Why Flutter apps?

                    Why do so many companies decide to use this technology in their projects? And why did we choose to create so many apps using Flutter? Here are some of the reasons:

                    To save time and money building on multiple platforms

                    • Thanks to Flutter we can build mobile apps for Android and iOS with one codebase. This means developers spend less time programming and that there’s no need to choose between Android and iOS. 
                    • Flutter is designed to help you write code faster. It offers ready-to-use widgets and its syntax requires less code to write. 
                    • Hot-Reload gives the possibility to see the result of changes in the code in real time on the screen. There’s no need to reload manually because it automatically updates the UI content.

                    To receive a beautiful and fully functional app

                    • Flutter’s widgets incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts.
                    • The code is compiled to native ARM machine code using Dart's native compilers
                    • Flutter is a complete SDK (software development kit) which means it’s a collection of tools, libraries, documentation, APIs and sometimes frameworks, so it’s enough to build a functional cross-platform app

                    Because it’s future-oriented

                    • There is already a stable version of Flutter in use, which Google continues to invest in. New versions are released several times a year.
                    • The number of developers using Flutter is constantly growing (already exceeded the number of React Native users) .
                    • Developers from all around the world create a Flutter community to help and support each other in creating beautiful and functional mobile apps.

                    Cross-platform apps built using Flutter can have the same features and can look like native apps. The performance isn’t in any way worse. It doesn’t mean that absolutely every app can be built with Flutter but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not gaining popularity without a reason. Flutter framework is used by 42% of developers and their number is still growing. 

                    If you are considering using Flutter in your project, feel free to contact us. We will advise you and help you choose the right path to successfully build your app.

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