The Autenti platform enables electronic signing of documents in a simple and secure way. It's a solution for private individuals and for business clients. Through the platform, you can send and sign legally binding documents exclusively online, on any device with Internet access. You can use the platform to send documents to your clients, business partners or colleagues to obtain their e-signature. In Autenti you can also initial a document and give a positive or negative opinion (approve or reject). Which role you are assigned depends on the author of the document.


Autenti’s mission is to provide every user with an opportunity to sign their documents easily and safely from different devices. In the app there are different roles to take action with the given document. What you can do with a document depends on what role you are given in the process of assigning the document. Documents can also be viewed as PDF files, saved offline, archived or withdrawn. 

The Project Manager from our Partner's side came to us with some basic foundations of the app as they started this project with another company. Our task was to take over the code and bring it to a state in which we could efficiently implement further elements according to our Partner’s requirements. This meant we had to create the product almost completely from scratch. Then we continued to work together adding new features

As Autenti offer is not only for individual clients but also businesses and institutions, they also needed a special solution for integrating their product with such organizations.

Project's scope

The aim of our cooperation was to enable businesses and private individuals to sign documents through the mobile app. We started our cooperation with a meeting with the Autenti’s Project Manager and Project Architect who introduced us to the current stage and scope of the project. After that, we were responsible for creating native mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

We’ve also taken over the creation of SDK to enable other platforms to integrate with our Partner’s platform to offer its users the possibility to sign their documents remotely as well as to view and save them offline, and archive. The SDK is meant to serve other clients and this means that other platforms teams won’t have to create a new, very complex API to be able to use the e-signature and other useful features it offers. Other companies can simply integrate the ready-made SDK with the app and use most of the features provided by Autenti.


Technology stack:

Our Partner wanted to develop this mobile app natively to ensure the best application performance on both Android and iOS platforms. This option was also chosen because of the SDK creation. It will be used as a separate product, which has prevented us from developing it in a cross-platform way e.g. using Flutter. Moreover, our team agreed that there's no framework that could be useful to create such an extensive solution for networking, offline operation, database encryption and other complex features.

Our team:

  • QA Specialist
  • 1-2 Android developers (depending on the stage of the process)
  • 1-2 iOS developers (depending on the stage of the process)



During the entire cooperation, we had transparent communication with our Partner. We communicated on a regular basis on Slack. This allowed for quick verification of minor issues and answers to specific questions. In addition, we have daily calls on Google Meets, where we talk about the progress of the project and about what needs to be done. The project is carried out through MS Azure. Its management is on our Partner’s side. For design and seamless collaboration with UI and UX designers we use Figma and Miro.

We help our Partner with our experience and knowledge to meet users' expectations by discussing in detail every new idea and every feature.  We were able to achieve this through effective communication. Our team continues to take an active part in the project. We not only reproduce the Partner's ideas, but also advise and suggest new options.

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