Corner is a mobile app that combines online shopping with live streaming. Watch live shows to see what’s currently hot and trending, explore new brands, connect with friends to share your shopping experiences, follow trendsetters, save your favorite products and show off what you bought.

Project's scope

Our client came to us with a MVP but asked us to rewrite the application in full version and develop it further. The aim was to release the full app in the shortest possible time to serve users who strive to explore products from the most interesting brands.


In a relatively short and in a dynamic and changing environment, we had to deliver a product that met the client's business objectives and allowed for further growth of the company. As the MVP has proven the validity of the initial assumptions, we had to develop the app according to our client’s needs without generating any lack in its features so that it serves the same audience in a better way.

Technologies used in this project


Close cooperation and good communication with the client throughout the project enabled us to efficiently manage a team of 12 people. Responsiveness and up-to-date reporting of changes, as well as proper team management, allowed us to deliver the project the client expected.
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