FERMO Food was a food ordering and delivery app based in Sweden. Established in 2016, this startup has operated for more than 2 years and was run by a solo founder. Its mission was to connect people that are passionate about food.

The app connected individuals who didn't have time to prepare homemade food with people who love to cook. This food ordering and delivery app enabled them to receive freshly prepared meals at their doorstep.


FERMO Food's CEO had a clear vision for the product and prepared a list of features for the MVP. You could use the app as a customer or as a chef, and depending on that, the features of the product varied.

Some of the features for customers:
  • Sign up with Facebook/Google
  • Browse and order food
  • Search and filter chefs 
  • Order status
  • Cart
  • Checkout (including payment)
  • Cancel order
Some of the features for chefs:
  • Register via a phone number or email
  • Create and manage the profile
  • Post a dish with a photo, ingredients list and description
  • Connect with Instagram
  • New order notification
  • Sales statistics
  • Cancel order

Project's scope

In this project, we partnered with another app development company and we were responsible for the frontend side of the app. We also assisted with backend development and consulted on the UI/UX design of this product to make it more intuitive and improve the user experience in the app.


Technology stack

Our team

  • 2 iOS developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA tester
  • Project Manager


In this project we used Slack to discuss daily matters, and Asana for tasks management.

What our Partner says about us

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FiveDotTwelve is more like a team than an agency that you just hire. Great understanding of the product and my vision. They were really supportive when I needed that, and also when I wasn’t expecting any assistance from them at all. I highly recommended FiveDotTwelve.
Özgur Coban Founder at FERMO Food

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