SimSim is a startup from Dubai, a recipe app connecting people with a common passion – cooking. 

The SimSim app is basically a guide in which you’ll find plenty of recipes for delicious home cooked Middle Eastern food. With authentic recipes that have step-by-step instructions and photos, you’ll find it easier than ever to cook and enjoy a wide range of Arabic dishes.


The CEO of SimSim Recipes came to us to develop new features in the app, complete and improve the previously initiated redesign and implement an app monetization model. We’ve taken over the project from a freelancers team with whom the communication has not been made easy for our Partner. We also had to fix a great amount of bugs in the app.

The SimSim Recipes app has everything you need to prepare delicious meals and feasts for friends and family. 


Through the SimSim app you can
  • Browse a wide selection of authentic dishes
  • Find suggestions for complementary dishes
  • Search for recipes by name or ingredient
  • Filter recipes based on type and difficulty
  • Change the ingredients amounts to suit your serving size
  • Email yourself the ingredients to help you with your shopping

The app is available in English and Arabic.

Project's scope

The project is still in progress, our task is to tweak and improve the previous version of the SimSim app, fix the existing bugs and implement new UI/UX designs, as well as to prepare it for a final version kick off. The full-featured app will contain mobile ads to become more business-oriented. 

At the beginning, we conducted a code audit and after deciding that the app can be developed further we got down to work right away.


Our Partner is very happy with the transparent communication with the team and the fact that the software she is receiving is definitely improved over what she was previously given. The advertising system enabled implementing a monetization strategy so that the app could start generating profit.


Technology stack

Our team

  • 2 Flutter developers
  • 2 backend developers
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Project manager


Our Partner claims to be very satisfied with the communication and project management at FiveDotTwelve as well as with our process-oriented approach. In software development projects, transparency and well-structured organization are the most important factors directly influencing the success of a product. 

In this project we use Slack and Google Meet to discuss daily matters, and Jira for tasks management.

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What our Partner says about us

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They love working on our projects, and they enjoy what they do. Most developers don't like to work on other people's code but FiveDotTwelve has been very open to that. Thanks to them, we didn't have to rewrite the app's code. They're also timely, which is why we have a very good relationship.
Farida Shakhshir Founder of SimSim Recipes
More about the project Visit website:

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