Onoco is more than just a baby tracker. It facilitates being a parent as all information about your children is at your fingertips. The app enables to register as a family founder, a family member, a family friend or a nanny. As a family founder you can invite other members via email after choosing their role in the family. You can also decide what changes the other members will be able to launch. The app is helpful for those with children under the age of 6. In the section “Learning Journey” you can find different stages in which you can indicate your child’s achievements. In the Timeline you can also add events like a nap, meal, nappy and others. The Calendar enables you to establish a full-day routine for the child and add events such as doctor’s appointments.

Project's scope

We have carried out an analysis along with the client, given our opinions on the design of the application, implemented it and launched the production. We were also responsible for the implementation of backend, testing the app and graphic improvements.


The challenge was, above all, to understand the needs of our clients as parents, because we wanted and still want to make it easier for them to raise their children, follow their achievements and implement a routine in their early life.

Technologies used in this project


We've provided an app useful and helpful for people taking care of children using a cross-platform solution, with excellent, user-friendly interface and animations.

What the client says about us

Margaret Zablocka Founder & CEO at Onoco
FDT team really dedicated themselves to deliver an outstanding app — it wasn't just another project on the list to check. They were not only delivering on contractual obligations but also didn't hesitate to propose improvements.
Available Visit website: onoco.com

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