RTS Widzew Łódź is a Polish football club based in Łódź, founded in 1910. The Widzew app is a real treat for every fan of the club. Browse the news from the world of the team every day, watch photos and videos from the latest matches and check the current table. Moreover, you can get to know the team player by player. We’ve also added Radio Widzew in the app, also working in the background. The mobile app allows you to buy online so you can choose a seat, buy a ticket and enjoy the match.

Project's scope

Creating an application that is useful for the viewers, a compendium of knowledge about matches, players and the whole club. The club already had a person to take care of the backend. Our task was to cooperate, update the purchasing system and implement new ideas in accordance with the old system.


We have set ourselves the task of making the mobile app for Widzew the best club app on the market. Until now, we haven’t created any native apps for fans that provide the ability to manage content like in this one. We have introduced many unobvious features, for example, as almost all seats in the stadium have been purchased in the system of vouchers, we have included the possibility of giving up space for those who will not come, so that someone else can buy the ticket. Another great thing was the implementation of the live broadcast module and creating a map of the stadium using Geoeditor and the GeoJSON format.

Technologies used in this project


We have created this app in cooperation with Widzew fans. We have applied a long and extensive process of testing and defining the scope of the app’s functionalities by asking them to give hints on what they’d like to see there. As a result, fans were giving us suggestions for improvements and solutions and let us understand their needs. The workshops with the client also allowed us to improve the way of communication. And again, thanks to direct communication with people responsible for the backend we were able to create a great native app.

What the client says about us

Tomasz Sadłecki Director for Technology and Innovation at Widzew
FiveDotTwelve has allowed us to integrate a new area of communication with our fans and increase marketing opportunities. The implementation of the project and its results exceeded our expectations.
Available Visit website: widzew.com

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