WeAreBikers is a mobile app in the form of a social platform for motorcyclists. It’s a startup from Poland which focuses on making it easier for the bikers' community to plan and execute their trips together, and to communicate freely and effortlessly

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The founder of WeAreBikers came to us after his previous experiences with freelancers and struggling with poor communication with them. Our CEO, a motorcycle enthusiast himself, was eager to take on the challenge of building this app. Full of passion, we started our collaboration. The goal was to create an application bringing motorcyclists together by enabling them to:

  • Contact each other directly through intercom and video calls 
  • Check other users’ current position on the map 
  • See the list of all motorcycling events, picnics and season openings on the map
  • Access the POI map showing all useful places from gas stations to shops and other spots worth seeing
  • Plan their route
  • Compare various statistics with friends

        Add new motorcycle events and invite friends to them.

        Project’s scope

        Our task was to create a mobile app meeting the expectations of a particular target group and implement the features they expected in an appropriate way. At the beginning of the project we conducted workshops to establish a schedule for each stage of the project and built a landing page for our Partner. When creating the designs, we launched new ideas into existing MVP but then developed apps for Android and iOS from scratch.

        In this project we’ve also implemented a personalized advertising system — advertisements appearing in a specific place and time, and created the app design from scratch. All this while keeping in mind cost optimizationThe biggest technological challenge was the implementation of real-time navigation and tracking.


        Technology stack

        Our team

        • 2 iOS developers
        • 2 Android developers
        • 2 backend developers
        • UI/UX designer
        • Project Manager



        During the entire cooperation, we had transparent communication with our Partner. The tool we used to map and manage tasks was Trello and then Jira. For daily communication we used Slack

        What our Partner says about us

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        I recommend FiveDotTwelve for everyone who are not fond of hearing “it can’t be done”. The team successfully managed to develop my app ideas, often advising on how the functions could be improved. If it wasn’t for FiveDotTwelve, my project probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day.
        Piotr Jarząbek Founder at WeAreBikers
        Check out this app Visit website: wearebikers.org

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