Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs

Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs

In case you have already thought the idea through and the design is created by your designer or any company, you probably can’t wait to launch the app. Remember though, that before the development team implements your idea, there are still other steps to complete. If you want it to be fine tuned, you have to be aware that it will take some time. Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs is faster. But most of the time to be spent on the project is still dedicated to development.

So here are some hints for you to make your new mobile app a real success!

More haste less speed — we still need to make analyses

Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs

You might think that after the designs are created, there’s nothing left to do and the team should start the development straightaway. It’s not that easy though! The team that wasn’t there while creating designs has to see them in the first place. See them, analyse them and draw conclusions.

These analyses will not look the same as in case you didn’t have designs, but are still necessary. An experienced team, having insight into the graphic project always sees areas and elements for discussion.

As a mobile development company, we have to check if the project is properly prepared to start the development. We also have to understand the purpose of the app. Then, we need to check if all the elements of the designs were taken into account. There might be some error states, empty states and differences between platforms.

At FiveDotTwelve, we’ll always give recommendations or suggestions for your app development taking advantage of the experience we have. When our client has any kind of doubts concerning the project, there is always a possibility to be involved more than it was planned before. Just because it has been established that calls or meetings will be held twice a week doesn’t mean they can’t take place more often. You’ll always be involved as much as you need.

Accept the changes concerning UI and UX

Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs

They might require changing/improving. There is no such thing as a perfect design. The team has to browse through the whole documentation very carefully. That’s because what you’d like the mobile app development company to do next are estimations. And they can only be accurate with well finished designs. You can find more information about the estimations here and here in section 4.

Making these analyses is crucial in order to assure our client with the best possible customer service. Different clients come to us with projects at different stages of development. We always have to dig into them and decide if/what needs to be changed.

You have to be aware that some corrections are essential so that the development runs efficiently. During development, every detail is important e.g. exact parameters (sizes) of the buttons and their margins in an app. These are often things you don’t even see as a non-professional user, but they’re crucial for an experienced team. When the lack of details occurs, it extends the time of the process. Still, it’s almost impossible to predict everything at the stage of creating designs. That’s why you have to stay in touch with the team. To clear up any doubts concerning the UI as well as the UX designs.

Developing a mobile app with ready-made designs

Why can’t we just give you the price?

That’s the question some clients ask. At the early stage of the process we’re being asked about the overall costs. This is something we cannot fully predict, because it depends on many factors. This rule also exists in case of ready-made designs. As mentioned above, we still need to check everything and make sure the designs are finely structured. The price is determined after the whole process of making estimations. So, once the designs are checked and corrected (if needed), we can move on to this activity.

First, the tasks are being divided for each team member. Then each of them has to predict how much time they’ll spend on their tasks and the Project Manager calculates the overall project estimate.

Remember that prepared estimation still might be subject to change as during the development itself it sometimes turns out that something’s missing or that you, as a client, change your mind about the particular feature or the design. And yes, it works the other way round too. If a function is found to be redundant and can be disposed of, there will be a surplus of time and therefore the costs will be reduced.

So in conclusion, don’t expect to know the price at the very beginning of the process, because if we want to keep our services on a high level, it’s simply impossible to give you the quotation so soon.

Let’s develop!

The whole development process is, of course, on the developers side but it doesn’t mean you’re not involved. There are still calls or meetings during this process to check if everything is going as planned and if you, as a client, have any additional requirements.

The team will inform you about the stage of the project on a regular basis — about what has changed, which features are already implemented and which are going to be developed in the near future.

So as you see, developing a mobile app with ready-made designs is much faster and easier than from scratch. But you still have a lot of work.
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