energy distribution app
energy distribution app
energy distribution app
energy distribution app
energy distribution app
energy distribution app


The task was to build a mobile app for one of the largest energy distribution companies in Poland, with a goal to streamline the work of electric meter operators

Data acquisition and configuration of electricity meters, as well as managing metering data, are some of the many activities that people working in the industry have previously had to do manually. Current technological solutions, which we are helping to build at FiveDotTwelve, allow these activities to be entirely automated, making the work much faster and more efficient. 

The application we have developed allows performing many actions that previously required, among other things, manual code entry or copying data into an automated solution.

In the process of creating the application, we introduced various proposals for the development of the product intending to make the user's experience and performance as effective as possible, so that at the end of the day, the user can feel that the application is useful and reduces manual work.

      Project’s scope

      We received a document describing the requirements to create the application, basic wireframes, and the device on which the application was to be installed.

      During the workshop, we defined the needs of the end user and discussed all the required elements of the application in this respect. 

      The next step was to create detailed wireframes that allowed us to start talking about specific mechanisms in the application. 

      During the workshop, the developer, graphic designer and Project Manager on our side were present at all times to be able to support the Partner in every aspect of project development: business, technical, functional and UI/UX.

      Once all the requirements were established, we prepared the final design of the application, which, after the Partner's review, was directed to the developer for implementation.

      As a final result, we built a native Android application.


      Technology stack

      Our team

      • Project Manager
      • UI/UX Designer
      • Android Developer 



      We communicated with our Partner on a daily basis using Google Meet, a dedicated Slack channel and handled the team’s tasks with Confluence and Jira.

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