WellSenz is a Flutter based app created as a part of a promotion campaign for the book “18 Wellbeing Hacks for Students: Using Psychology’s Secrets to Survive and Thrive”. It helps you build wellbeing hacks into your life, using techniques from CBT, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Therapy and Positive Psychology, all based on psychological research.


The founder of WellSenz reached out to us after a deep research among mobile app development companies with a project of an app to help students take care of their wellbeing and mental health. It was intended to be a simple tool to help users check daily activities, helping them build a routine of positive habits

The mission of this project was to build the best student wellbeing app in the universe. Our Partner worked with schools and colleges to get students’ ideas about what they’d really like to see in a great app, and to make that happen.


The goal of this project is to
  • help students take care of themselves and their environment by building good habits
  • enable weekly and monthly tracking of activities helping to achieve wellbeing
  • provide support to people in need from different organisations in the Help Zone 
  • maintain the atmosphere of peace and balance in the app with pleasing animations and the overall look 
  • offer over 60 multi-sensory hacks which can be built into your day
    • help to put the topics described in the book into practice as the app is a bonus to promote the piece

    Project's scope

    We received ready-made mock-ups from our Partner. We organized workshops to analyse them as well as to get to know our Partner’s vision and needs for the product, and finally make the idea come true. Then we were responsible for creating the design of the app, mobile app development using Flutter and launching it in mobile stores.

    The app was created in cooperation with a Psychologist. It includes the content created by the author and allows to express the ideas conveyed in the book.


    Technology stack

    We’ve created this mobile app using Flutter which enables fast development for iOS and Android with a single codebase. Therefore, we were able to launch the product faster and our Partner benefited from this by cutting costs.

    Our team

    • Flutter developer
    • Quality Assurance Specialist 
    • Project Manager 
    • UI Designer



    Good communication is crucial to build a product that meets the client’s and users’ expectations in an efficient way. In this project we’ve been using Jira, Google Meet and e-mail to cooperate with our Partner and coordinate tasks. All to keep the process as efficient and transparent as possible.

    What our Partner says about us

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    This was a steep learning curve for me and the whole team at FiveDotTwelve were as patient as they were professional. It really felt like the whole team was working together to build the best possible app, developing and enhancing my initial ideas.
    Aidan Harvey-Craig Founder at WellSenz

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