Evresys is a tech company from the Netherlands that creates localization products and solutions. They have a cloud platform that monitors the work environment for safety, collecting data on the location of people and assets. Their partners are the largest network companies.


We worked with the Technical Director and Managing Director of Evresys to build an IoT mobile app for their clients to track the localization of assets, devices and people in real-time. This is particularly useful in managing hospital equipment or caring for elderly people. The application combines the use of beacons, Bluetooth (BLE) communication and wearable devices.

Project's scope

We created this mobile application using Flutter technology with the knowledge of IoT development. We also prepared the UI/UX design for this product and did QA testing. The project was led by our Project Manager.

In addition, we created the part of app code for finding wearables feature natively as there was no ready solution in Flutter to support wearable devices.

The Evresys team sent us a devices for which we were creating an application, so we built the product fully remotely.

Product development was divided into 4 stages. We started with MVP, and then with the next phases of development the app became more and more advanced and had more features.



Technology stack

Our team

  • 2 Flutter developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • Project Manager
  • QA tester



We used Jira for project management, enabling task tracking and progress monitoring. Daily communication took place on Slack, allowing instant messaging and efficient collaboration. We also used Google Meet for virtual meetings.

More about the project Visit website: evresys.com/

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