Microanalysis is a Polish healthcare company with 2-10 people on board, with a solution used by hospitals, doctors, nurses and dialysis patients, among others – an innovative chemical dialysate analyzer for personalizing the dialysis treatment. It was founded by scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry who developed a tool for quantitative monitoring of hemodialysis treatment in real-time.  

The opportunity to work together arose through a previous relationship with one of the partners in this project. The solution was developed in collaboration with the University of Warsaw and the National Centre for Research and Development, and was funded by the European Union.

In November 2021, Microanalysis was awarded a prize in the Innovator/Innovation of the Year category by the University of Warsaw's chapter in the Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

An innovative haemodialysis monitoring device is being developed at the University of Warsaw. It allows the course of the treatment to be monitored in real time and the therapy can be more effective and safer. Among some patients, the device can reduce the time of the performed procedure.


The Technical Lead and Product Owner – the contact persons on our partner's side – have set a specific goal for this project: to develop an application that connects with the innovative dialysate analyser to present the results in the form of graphs and data sets. It is useful for patients to be able to access their dialysis results quickly and conveniently. For doctors and other healthcare professionals, it is a solution that also provides an easy and clear view of dialysis and the events that occur around them. By analysing these events, they can also predict when dialysis is coming to an end. In the app, on the medical personnel side, there is also the possibility to add comments, which allows important information to be stored and accessed at any time from their mobile devices.

This project required a lot of self-organisation on the FDT side, as well as proactivity with minimal involvement of external parties. We took a partnership approach to guide the client through the process and accelerate it.

The app was intended to allow easy access to data for doctors, nurses and patients.

Project's scope

We started working together after being recommended to a product owner, as we had previously worked together on another project. For this project, we were responsible for creating the UI/UX design and mobile app development with Flutter. 

Before we started the development work, a workshop was held in the form of a series of meetings, where the final agreements on the scope of the project and screen views took place. Our partner decided to start working on the MVP by accepting the estimates given during the workshops.


Our recommendation when it comes to efficient app development for both iOS and Android platforms is almost always Flutter. Our partner chose to use this technology because we have a lot of experience working with it. 

The workshop lasted three days. Our Partner did not prepare a lot of material but had a head full of ideas for the solution. So we wrote everything down in the documentation and then created the design with Figma and implemented the project. The mobile and backend development took about five months. Our collaboration on this project is still ongoing. 

This project was a collaboration with many parties and stakeholders that had to be aligned. The efficient and impactful maintenance of communication and project flow, as well as the proactivity of the entire team at a very high level, allowed us to work together in a way that was successful. 

The app is available in Polish and English.


Technology stack

Our team

  • Project Manager
  • 2 Flutter Developers
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • UI/UX Designer



Communication at the highest level is always our goal, as we believe it is a key factor for the success of any project. We communicated with our partner remotely via Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Sharepoint. We successfully established effective communication channels, ensuring that no issues or miscommunications hindered our progress.

More about our Partner Visit website: microanalysis.pl

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